Workforce Ready

The Mississippi Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (MIBEST) program is a workforce and economic development solution. The program provides significant value to employers of any size in various career fields such as welding, industrial maintenance, culinary arts, healthcare data, nursing, transportation and logistics, business office technology, and more.

MIBEST produces graduates who are ready for work. Through the program, students gain:

  • A high school equivalency, strengthening the academic skills necessary for success in their careers.
  • The National Career Readiness Certificate, which demonstrates work readiness and proficiency in applied math, workplace documents, and graphic literacy.
  • Employability skills training, including leadership development, teamwork, dependability, flexibility, problem-solving, and effective communication skills. These “soft skills” can translate to success in any industry.
  • Occupational credentials, whether college-issued or industry-based, demonstrating the technical skills required for in-demand occupations.
  • Work-based learning to help students apply the skills they are learning in the workplace.

MIBEST & Business

Here’s How Your Company Can Benefit from MIBEST:

  • Offer company tours (or visit MIBEST classrooms) to share about the workforce demands of your business
  • Support MIBEST programs and students (e.g. through curriculum revisions or equipment) to ensure that students are learning the skills you want
  • Provide work-based learning opportunities (e.g. internships) to assess the knowledge, skills, and abilities that MIBEST students have gained
  • Hire MIBEST graduates who have the skills and credentials you seek
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