The Mississippi Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (MIBEST) program is a workforce and economic development initiative that moves low-skilled, non-credentialed Mississippians from the economic sidelines into careers earning family-sustaining wages. The program prioritizes individuals who did not complete a traditional high school degree, those in low-wage jobs, and other non-traditional students. MIBEST seeks to increase the number of these students who are able to secure jobs with a livable wage.

Program Goals

Helping Students Go Further, Faster
The Mississippi Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training Program teaches students academic, workforce, and college-readiness skills in a fast-paced, supportive environment so they can move through postsecondary education and into living wage jobs faster. Students get help with the academic skills (reading, writing, and match) they need while studying in the career field of their choice; they learn by doing.

Redefining Educational and Career Pathways
MIBEST challenges the traditional notion that students must move through a set sequence of basic education or pre-college (remedial) courses before they can start working on certificates or degrees. The combined teaching models allow students to work on college-level studies right away, clearing multiple levels with one leap.

MIBEST allows individuals to build skills and earn workforce and career credentials or certifications at the same time.

Increasing Family Sustaining Wages
One of the top priorities is to increase family-sustaining wages among people who did not complete traditional high school programs and non-traditional students in Mississippi by improving educational outcomes and career-focused skills.

Program Outcomes

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